Sanas Group – The Legacy Speaks

Who We Are?

At Sanas real estate developers, we consider ideas to be the foundation of all structures. Bricks and mortar are only the building blocks that make them possible. Ideas turn houses into homes, but what good is an idea without forethought and careful planning? These are the kinds of ideas that give Sanas’ design principles life. The same values that drive the business to develop, find, and provide newer living solutions. Sanas group has signaled the emergence of perceptive design ever since it was founded. It has met international standards through its many projects and even set some of its own. Millions of square feet of Pune are currently being transformed into gated communities, upscale townships, standalone landmarks, and commercial areas because to this dedication to quality.

Our History

During his lifetime, Shri Baburao Sanas—the visionary and Pune-lover—took the trip that turned the sleepy town of Pune into the Metropolitan. It was driven by him from Zilla-parishad to Nagarpalika and then to the municipal corporation.

It is His legacy and passion for our city that inspires us to build landmarks and develop Pune. As known by our projects that we have developed, we have transformed several Pune regions into some of the city’s most in-demand prime sites. To list a few Eaststreet, Bundgarden, Kalyani Nagar, and NIBM.

Our Legacy –Sanas’s Groups Tradition of Perfect Quality & Excellence

Every project at Sanas Group is the result of careful preparation, devotion, commitment to excellence, and a desire to provide nothing less than the best. Therefore, it makes sense that each of our projects serves as a benchmark for excellence, innovation, and quality. We really value and prize the trust and goodwill of our customers, which we have gained as a result of our commitment to a customer-centric business model.

In and around Pune, there is around 15 million square feet of residential and commercial construction. Quality, client satisfaction, commitment, and excellence were given by 40 years of experience.

Why Us?


  • You get quality assurance from renowned Ventures.
  • Timely customer-centric service.
  • High-quality Construction.


  • We adhere to all laws and regulations.
  • We carefully adhere to moral standards.
  • We are honest with our clients.
  • We collaborate with people who share our ideals.


  • We equally innovate with regard to products, processes, and people.
  • We’re committed to establishing industry firsts.
  • We are careful when it comes to “intelligent design,” putting the customer first.
  • We support establishing industry standards.

Team Work

  • motivated and strong team
  • Efficient work pattern
  • Self-monitoring
  • We as teams innovate fast
  • Create healthy competition
  • Promote strong working relationships


  • We believe in maintaining exceptional service
  • Incorporate sustainability and quality of life
  • Improved service drives customer
  • Pursue unique designs and concepts


  • Keep prior commitments
  • Deliver on customer promises
  • Follow traits of a trustworthy developer
  • Promise that you have made the right choice

Our Specialty At Sanas Construction

Since purchasing a home is an expensive investment, there are many things to take into account, including the developer’s standing in the industry, their qualifications, their building license, their compliance with RERA, and more. Here are a few benefits of working with us as a real estate developer when purchasing a property.

On-time Completion: Purchasing real estate from a reputable real estate developer like Sanas Group has many advantages, one of which is that the projects are completed on scheduled time.

Complete Compliance with RERA Standards: The purpose of RERA is to safeguard the interests of homebuyers. At Sanas developers, you can be sure that all the rules will be followed and that you won’t be taken advantage of when you buy a house from a reputable developer.

Homebuyers Are Granted Simple Home Loan Sanctions: One of the advantages of selecting a reputable developer like Sanas Group is the ability to apply for a loan.

A High Level of Security: A reputed real estate developer will have good security features.

The high degree of trust that you have shown in us has multiplied our success and helped us serve you better. We at Sanas developers, believe in nurturing this relationship further. So come, join hands with us and be a part of our journey together.

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